Brazilian English Accent

Los brasileños hablando inglés tienen un acento gracioso.

Hello nice people! Today our Dica will talk about the Brazilian English Accent. If you are a foreigner, you may have encountered difficulty communicating with Brazilians in English. Why is that?

Brazilian English Accent

Seems like people consider Brazilians to have a strong accent when speaking English. Hence, making it hard for you to understand us! But here we will explain to you why sometimes people get confused listening to our Brazilian English Accent.

First of all, there are some sounds in English that we simply don’t have in Portuguese. As example:

TH pronounced as F or D

There is no sound like the TH in English. Because of that, words such as Thanks are pronounced with a F sound. And words as This are pronounce with a D sound. Check it out:

English word Brazilian accent Sound
Thanks Fanks
Think Fink
Thousand Fousand
This Dis
That Dat
The De




Final L pronounced as U

Furthermore, except the southern states of Brazil, all other regions pronounce the final L as if it was a U. That’s why Brasil sounds like Brasiu. Therefore this is how English words will sound:

English word Brazilian accent Sound
Well Weu
Kill Kiu
Soul Sou
Meal Miiu


R pronounced as H

Another difficulty is the letter R in the begging of words. It is pronounced with our throat in Portuguese, just like the English pronunciation of the letter H. Let’s see:

English word Brazilian accent Sound
Rose Hose
Round Hound
Red Hed

Well, you probably noticed that our biggest mistake is trying to say the words in English the same way we say in Portuguese. Consequently that is why people might get confused with the Brazilian English accent.

Brazilian Accents

Hold on! There is another important thing you must consider! These remarks I just made were thinking about the Carioca Brazilian English accent. Depending on the place that someone is from, the accent can be stronger or weaker. For example people from Nordeste have difficulties with sounds in English that maybe people from Sudeste don’t have. So, the accent also varies depending on the place in Brazil.

Brazilian Speaking English

Claudia is our Carioca friend and she has a few words to say. Check out this Video to understand better. Also listen to different words in the Brazilian English accent. Don’t forget to turn the subtitles on.

Vocabulary list

English Brazilian Accent
Cheeseburguer X- burguer
Hip hop Ripi Rop
Facebook Facebooki
Whatsapp Zapizapi
Animal Animau
Shorts Shorti
Car Carr
DJ Didjey
South Sauti / Souti
Ketchup Ketichupi

Strong Brazilian English Accent

Finally, a curiosity. In Brazil, there is a man called Joel Santana. Joel Santana is a coach and also former Brazilian football player. He has a very strong accent in English, as you can hear in the Video below:

His accent is considered funny in Brazil, for those who can speak English. But, from the knowledge that we shared with you in this Dica, it’s a good opportunity to re-evaluate our reactions to different accents. Therefore we won’t unwittingly reproduce linguistic prejudices. 

For now that’s it, people! Today we learned about Brazilian English accent and why it’s difficult to understand.
So come learn Portuguese in Brazil with Rio & Learn. We promise we will teach you the proper pronunciation.
See you in the next Dica!
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