Brazilian Footvolley

17 de October de 2017

Hello folks! Do you feel like practicing sports today? If you do, come with us and learn what is Brazilian Footvolley.

How is the Brazilian Footvolley

Footvolley is a sport that was created in 1965, here in Copacabana by a group of friends and combines aspects of beach volleyballΒ and soccer. Due to this combination, Footvolley can be classified as a beach volleyball – but in this activity players are not allowed to use their hands to touch the balls.

This sport has evolved over the years and in 1990 it expanded to other countries. Argentina, England, France and many others countries started adopting this sport. Nowadays the Footvolley competitions are known all over the world.

Brazilian Footvolley. Muitas pessoas jogam FutevΓ΄lei na Praia de Copacabana.

Here in Rio de Janeiro you can see people playing Footvolley in Copacabana beach, Ipanema and in many other beaches located around the city.

Footvolley is so popular that has its own championship and many events in other countries. Brazilian team was the winner in many of these competitions.

That’s for today friends! Come to Rio and get to know our school to learn more things about Brazil!

Kisses and Hugs from the Rio & Learn team.

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