Brazilian Hand Gestures

3 de October de 2017

Hello guys! Did you miss our A Dica do Dia? Today we’re going to talk about Brazilian Hand Gestures! Ready? Ok!Β 

Brazilians love making hand gestures to communicate with people because we are such expressive humans beings! But many gestures can be a little bit confusing to gringos when they watch us. So check bellow the most used hand gestures we have!

The most used Brazilian Hand Gestures

Lugar com muitas pessoas
A crowded placeΒ 

Brazilian Hand Gestures. Lugar com muitas pessoas

Fazer ago rapidamente
To do something quickly

Brazilian Hand Gestures. Fazer algo rapidamente

Se foder
To be screwed

Brazilian Hand Gestures. Se foder

Comida gostosa
Delicious food

Brazilian Hand Gestures. Comida gostosa

NΓ£o se importar com algo
To don’t care about something

Brazilian Hand Gestures. NΓ£o se importar com algo

Sim / Ok

Brazilian Hand Gestures. Sim / Ok

What about you? Ready to practice all the Brazilian hand gestures you learned?
I hope you love this Dica and don’t forget to check our FacebookΒ to get to know more about our school!

A huge kiss from Rio de Janeiro.

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