Brazilian History and Future

Fuimos a descubrir la Historia de Brasil y el Futuro en el Puerto Maravilla.
Today as part of the RioLIVE! activity we visited Porto Maravilha, Museu do Amanhã and an incredible piece of street art. The trip started off with ride on the metro which is cheap, convenient and gave us a good opportunity to practice speaking Portuguese along the way. Walking through Porto Maravilha it’s clear to see that a lot of time and money has been invested to revitalize the port area of Rio de Janeiro and a great tourist hotspot with lots of photo opportunities.
After a nice stroll through the port area we visited Museu do Amanhã which is a science museum and a stunning piece of architecture designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The museum is a different kind of museum that explores the ever changing times we’re witnessing with a lot of fun and interesting facts to be learnt along the way. This museum should be on every tourists list of the top places to visit in Rio.
Our last stop was the largest mural graffiti in the world and a legacy of the 2016 Olympic Games. The mural depicts the faces of 5 people from different continents and represents black, blue, green, red and gold rings on the Olympic flag. It’s a mind blowing piece of art work and a great way to end and incredible RioLIVE! activity. Let’s not forget that throughout the activity we only spoke Portuguese which is a great way to practice Portuguese in a fun and interactive way.

Imran Mohamed, England

Portuguese students watching the exhibition at Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro.
The museum turned our world upside down!

The gang was really exited about visiting the Port of Rio so we had a big group for this RioLIVE! We learned a lot of Brazilian History and future but this time I, the teacher, had some help. One of the students knew many things about Brazilian History so he helped me with the explanations in Portuguese!

Here one our Facebook page you can see all the pictures of us learning the Brazilian History and future.

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Final room at Museum of Tomorrow. View for Guanabara Bay and Rio-Niterói Bridge.
All good things must come to an end!

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