Brazilian Payment Methods

7 de July de 2015

Hey guys, how are you?!?
Did you know that in Brazil we have many different ways of making a payment? Besides the normal credit/debit cards and cash options, we have payment slips that are really useful for utility bills, and our newest method in Brazil is the PIX, which is really great for instant and free transfers!
Today’s Dica is extremely useful if you are planning to come visit or live in Brazil! We will show you all the different Brazilian payment methods a person can use, and which ones are safer and used more often.

Just to let you know, we also have other Dicas where you can learn all aboutย shopping phrases,ย how to ask for the bill as well asย purchases in cash and installments. Today we’ll learn about how to pay:

Brazilian Payments


Paying in cash is one of the most common payment methods in Brazil. From street sellers to fancy restaurants, ย cash is the most accepted and typical payment method. There are certain situations in which you can receive your salary in cash, despite the majority of Brazilians being owners of a bank account. If you intend to use cash don’t forget to check our safety tips.

Debit or Credit Card

The second most used payment method, right after cash. Bars, restaurants, some street vendors, basically, all places will accept payments by credit/debit cards within big cities. Below is a list of accepted Brazilian card companies as well as international card companies:

[one_half]American Express
Cartรฃo BNDES
Diners Club

Remember, if you are using an intentional card, and the vendor asks you โ€œdebit or credit?โ€, ย the best option is to say credit as often debit wonโ€™t work.


Practically non-existent in many countries, paying with checks is still a valid payment method used in Brazil, but that is slowly becoming obsolete. Checks do not provide any safety or security between the customer and the store. It is for this same reason that theย Conselho Monetรกrio Nacionalย has suggested and promoted eliminating the acceptance of check payments in the hopes of avoiding frauds related to these types of payments.

Boleto Bancรกrio – Payment Slip

Boleto Bancario’s are a type of payment slips, or money orders, often used for utility bills, but can also be issued for payments of online purchases. You can have it mailed to your house or print it from the respective website and/or institution. This paper consists of information of the establishment the payment is being made to, along with an expiry date, the value to be paid, and a barcode. This type of payment method is regulated and controlled by Bacen (Banco Central).

Formas de Pago en Brasil

In order to pay a boleto bancรกrio you just have to type the barcode number or use a barcode reader. ATMs in Brasil have barcode readers. Alternatively, you can also head to your local Lottery (Loteria) House or any bank to make the payment in person.


Carnรช is a payment method which is often used for high price purchases, such as a car or a house. When you do this kind of purchases you receive a book in which there are a series of boletos that must be paid each month. Once you pay the whole carnรช,ย we say it has been quitadoย (taken away).

Online Payments

Brasil is the country with the most developed e-commerce in Latin America. In order to make online purchases, you can use two main payment methods: credit card or boleto bancรกrio. Depending on the website, don’t forget to verify whether or not you need a CPF number to complete your payment.

PIX – Latest Brazilian payment method

The newest payment system in Brazil is PIX! It was created by the Brazilian Central Bank in 2020 to allow faster and cheaper transactions. You can use pix as payment in Brazil for something bought at an establishment, or to transfer money to other people. The main advantages of using PIX is the instant and completely free of charge transfer.
In order to use it, you need to register your Brazilian bank account. After registration, you will have a PIX key, which can be any combination of numbers, but the most common ones are your CPF or telephone number.

But how exactly can you use it? To pay something at a physical establishment, you can just scan the QR Code (if available) and the payment goes straight to them. To transfer money to other accounts, you just need the PIX Key of the other person! You won’t need to know their bank details anymore, just their key number, easy right?

Practice: Brazilian payment methods pronunciation!

With the following Dica (tip) video, you can learn the pronunciation of the Brazilian payment methods we’ve learned about today.

Today weโ€™ve learned the different payment methods used in Brazil. Which ones have you used before? Are they very different to what you use in your country?
See you in the next Dica do Dia!


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