Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso

Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso. Caetano Veloso sang many hits of the Brazilian Popular Music.
Hey guys! Have you been following our Dica of the DayToday we will talk about one of the greatest successes of Brazilian Popular Music, the Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso.

Who is the singer Caetano Veloso?

Caetano Veloso was born in Santo Amaro da Purification, Bahia, on August 7, 1942. He is the son of José Veloso and Dona Canô. At the age of 14 he moved to Rio de Janeiro with his family. The singer also had his songs reproduced in soundtracks in films such as Hable com Ella by Pedro Almodóvar and Frida by Julie Taymor. In 2004, he was considered one of the most respected Brazilian musicians in Latin America.

The musician also came to present a TV show, alongside Chico Buarque, which was called “Chico and Caetano” where he could sing and receive guests. Caetano also won several awards such as the Grammy Award for Best World Music Album with the album “Livro“, and also in 2000, the singer received the Latin Grammy Award as the Personality of the Year.

The Tropicalist Movement in Brazil

Caetano Veloso was responsible for creating the Tropicalist Movement in Brazil getting together musicians, actors and people from the Brazilian theater. The Movement used to criticize ideals and behaviors established by the Brazilian Military Government and was also used to mix elements from the Brazilian Culture and radical aesthethic innovations, through artistic demonstrations. The singer, with the help of several musicians adept to the Tropicalist Movement, released the album Tropicalia in 1968, whose release marked the history of music in the national territory.

The Records released by Caetano Veloso

Check out below some of the albums released by Caetano Veloso

1967 – Domingo
1968 – Caetano Veloso
1968 – Tropicalia
1972 – Transa
1973 – Araçá Azul
1975 – Joia
1975 – Qualquer Coisa
1977 – Bicho
1982 – Cores, Nomes
1986 – Totalmente Demais
1997 – Livro
2000 – Noites do Norte
2009 – Zii e Zie
2012 – Abraçaço
Did you like knowing more about the singer Caetano Veloso? He is one of several Brazilian musicians with excellent songs for you to practice your Portuguese!
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