Brazilian Slang Beleza

Brazilian Slang Beleza
Hi guys! My name is Jack, I’m from England and also a student from Rio & Learn. Today I’m going to teach you the Brazilian Slang Beleza. Let’s go!

Beleza is one of the informal words in Portuguese and it also has different meanings. It can be a noun that refers to something that is beautiful and it can also be a way to greet people, like saying “How are you?” or “How is it going?”.

To ask someone how they are doing

Brazilian Slang Beleza What's up, Cássio! Beleza?

Diogo: E aí, Cássio! Beleza?
CássioBeleza, cara! E você? beleza?
Diogo: Beleza também, mano!
Diogo: Hey, Cássio! How are you?
Cássio: I’m fine dude. What about you?
Diogo: I’m fine too, dude!

To confirm something

Brazilian Slang Beleza. Luana, translate this for me, beleza?

Beleza can also be used when we want to confirm something.

Igor: Luana, faz essa tradução pra mim, beleza?
Luana: Beleza, Igor!
Claudia: Luana, translate this for me, beleza?
Luana: Beleza, Igor!

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