Brazilian slang Valeu!

Brazilian slang Valeu! Valeu Fabian! Cassion, who works at Rio & Learn, is saying Valeu to one of the students. In this example he uses valeu as tchau. The Brazilian slang Valeu is often used in Portuguese for informal contexts and situations, so it's better for one to use it among friends or people in your friendship circle. Rio & Learn

Hi! I’m Fabian from Germany and I’m here for two months in Rio de Janeiro to study Portuguese at Rio & Learn. Today, we’ll talk about a word often used in Portuguese, Valeu!

Examples of Valeu! as Thank you!

Maria: Joga a bola pra mim! Valeu!
Maria: Throw me the ball! Thanks!

Pablo: Cê pode me ajudar?? Valeeeu!
Pablo: Can you help me? Thaaanks!

As you have seen, Valeu can be used for Obrigado! but in different situations it can also mean Tchau! Let’s see!

Examples of Valeu! as Bye!

Pablo: Tchau Fabian! Até amanhã!
Fabian: Até amanhã! Valeu!
Pablo: Bye Fabian! See you tomorrow!
Fabian: See you tomorrow! Bye bye!

Fabian: Até mais tarde! Tchau Cassio!
CassioValeu Fabian!
Fabian: See you later! Bye Cassio!
Cassio: Bye Fabian!

That’s it people!
Let’s practice a little. From now on you can only say thank you and bye with the word Valeu!
Try it and comment on our Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channel how it went.


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