Brazilian Street Food

28 de September de 2015

Good morning friends ofย Dica!ย Is there anyone here thatโ€™s hungry?
Eating in Brazil is something really easy to do, but when it comes to eating in the streets, there will always be something you must try.ย 
Today in our videoย Dica, we will talk about Brazilian street food.

Watch our video and let’s learn some of the most common ones and how to say them in Portuguese. By the way, the video has subtitles in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Brazilian Street Food

Learn a little bit more!

Brazilian Street Food: Cachorro - Quente. Hot dog Brazilian Street Food: Churros. Fritters Brazilian Street Food: Espetinho. Skewer Brazilian Street Food: Pipoca Doce / Salgada. Sweet or Salted Popcorn Street Food in Brazil: Tapioca.If you want to know how to prepare it, take a look at our Dica about Tapioca.Street Food in Brazil:: X - Tudo. Hamburguer Street Food in Brazil: Pastel com caldo de cana. Pastel with Sugarcane juiceStreet food in Brazil. Aรงaรญ. Typical fruit from north of Brazil.

We also have a Dica about the Aรงaรญ and its benefits. Check it out!

Eat Brazilian food. Quibe. Arab dish kibbeh.

Example of Brazilian street food. Esfirra. Sfiha.

Typical Brazilian green soup with sausage. Caldo verde. Bocarole soup.

Brazilian black beans soup. Caldinho de feijรฃo.

Typical Brazilian food from Bahia. O acarajรฉ.

Street food Vocabulary in Portuguese

Cachorro-quente Hot Dog
Churros Fritters
Espetinho Skewer
Pipoca doce/salgada Sweet or Salted Popcorn
Tapioca Tapioca
X-tudo Hamburguer
Pastel com Caldo de cana Pastel withย Sugarcane juice
Aรงaรญ Aรงaรญ
Quibe Kibbeh
Esfirra Sfiha
Caldo verde Borecole soup
Caldinho de feijรฃo Black beans soup
Acarajรฉ Acarajรฉ

That’s it guys!ย 
Did anyone get hungry?ย 
Thanks for watching our Dicaย and for learning a little more about the Brazilian cuisine!

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Kissesย Rio de Janeiro.

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