Brazilian Superstitions. Manga com leite é uma combinação mortal.

Hi, galera! I’m Luciano and at today’s Dica we’re talking about Brazilian Superstitions.

Brazilian Superstitions are passed on for generations, each weirder and more incredible than the other. Come with me and let’s take a look at some of them, the rest you can find here on the blog post!

Brazilian Superstitions

Manga com leite (Mango with milk)

A deadly combination and a death sentence for every brazilian kid. Brazilian mothers know best, and they all agree that you shouldn’t eat Mango with Milk.

Orelha quente (Hot ear)

When you ear is red, itchy or feeling hot, in Brazil we call it “Orelha Quente” and it’s a warning that someone is gossiping about you.  

Talheres caindo (Dropping silverware)

If you’re clumsy, in Brazil that may be a sign of something if you’re to drop silverware around.

If you drop a fork, for example, it means a man is arriving. Or a woman if it’s a spoon. The worst of all: a knife, that means you’re having a fight in your family.

Bater na madeira (Knocking on the wood)

In Brazil, we say that speaking about bad things, attract them. So, if you do talk, what do you do? You knock on the wood!

Vassoura atrás da porta (Broom behind the door)

Sometimes you can’t stand someone close to you, maybe you just don’t want to be rude. What can you do if you have an unwanted guest? You leave a broom behind your door!

Coceira na mão (An itch on your hand)

Now this one is REALLY risky! While If your left hand is itching somehow, it means you’re soon winning some money! But if it’s your right hand, the opposite happens and you lose it.

Mochila no chão (Bag on the floor)

And talking about money, don’t ever leave your bag on the floor or certainly you’re asking to lose some cash.

Varrer os pés (Swiping feet)

Do you dream of getting married someday? If yes is your answer, don’t let anyone use a broom on your feet or you lose your chance forever.

Guarda chuva aberto dentro de casa (Open umbrella inside your home)

You’ll shouldn’t leave an umbrella open under your roof, because Brazilians say that it attracts bad luck!

Assoviar à noite (Whistle at night)

If like Indiana Jones, you’re afraid of snakes, don’t whistle at night or you may find yourself calling them.


That’s it, guys! Hope you enjoyed the video, watch out for all of the superstitions! Stay tuned for more Dicas and subscribe! Tchau tchau!

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