Brazilian Sweets

16 de October de 2014

Hey, everyone!
On our Dica today, we’ll learn the names of Brazilian sweets and desserts. Have you ever heard of any of them? Let’s take a look:

Brazilian Sweets and Desserts

Typical sweets in Brazil: O brigadeiro.

Brigadeiro is the favorite sweet of everyone who tries it and one of the most typical ones, if not the most. It’s really easy to prepare and you can learn it in our Dica about Brigadeiro.

Brazilian Sweet and Desserts. O doce de abรณbora.

Yes, we have a sweet made of pumpkin and coconut. Exotic, isn’t it? Just be careful to add the coconut after the pumpkin is well cooked.

Typical sweets and desserts in Brazil: O curau.

Corn is the basic ingredient of many different recipes in Brazil, and Curau is one of them. With a texture similar to a porridge, it has corn, cinnamon, milk and sugar in it.

Popular desserts among Brazilians: O cuscuz.

Sweet in some state and salt in others, it’s prepared with tapioca flower and usually eaten cold. Remember to put a looooot of condensed milk on the top.

Examples of Brazilian sweets: A goiabada.

One of the easiest sweets to prepare, goiabada only needs Guava, sugar and little water. Cook it until you see a dark red color.

Example of a Brazilian dessert: O manjar.

Manjar is a coconut pudim. It looks simple but you’ll be surprised with the effect that the dried plums bring to the flavor.

Popular sweets and desserts in Brazil: A paรงoca.

This small piece of heaven will get you addicted. Hope you are not allergic to peanuts!

Typical Brazilian dessert: A pamonha.

Similar to the Curau in the ingredients, pamonha is prepared differently. It comes wrapped in a corn leaf.

Typical sweet in Brazil: O pรฉ-de-moleque.

A type of hard candy made of peanuts and caramel. Be careful when you bite it.ย ย 😉

Typical sweets and desserts for Brazilians: A rapadura.

The expression Rapadura รฉ doce mas nรฃo รฉ moleย (Rapadura is sweet but not soft) says a lot about this typical Brazilian sweet. Made out of sugar cane, it’s one of the sweetest sweets we have here.

Queijo com goiabada: Romeu e Julieta.

Romeu is the cheese and Julieta is the Goiabada. Just like in the story, they are totally different, but perfect when they are together.

Brazilian Sweets and desserts: A tapioca doce.

We can fill up the Tapioca with anything we want, and the sweet ones simply amazing.ย Would you like to learn how to prepare it?ย Take a look at ourย Dica of Tapioca.

Brazilian Sweets and desserts. O beijinho: coconut ball with condensed milk.

Beijinho means little kiss, and that’s exactly how it tastes. Similar to a brigadeiro in the preparation, beijinho is almost pure coconut.

Brazilian desserts: O quindim. Sweet prepared with egg yolks and coconut.

It can small or large, doesn’t matter. What matter is the flavor. The preparation of this sweet is really delicate and one wrong step can ruin it, but if everything is correct, your mouth will be very happy.


You can see now that we really like coconut. Cocada is baked with sugar and condensed milk in a oven and eaten in room temperature.


Of course we needed to create a sweet with the famous Brazilian nuts. Chocolate, sugar, condensed milk and Brazilian nuts together will drive you crazy.


Imagine a cake so thin, that you can roll it. That’s what we call Bolo de rolo and you can fill it up with Goiabada or Doce de leite.


Cook the rice until it’s very soft, add milk and cook it a bit more. Add condensed milk to make it as sweet as you prefer and voilร ! You now have a delicious plate of Arroz Doce.

Como se pronuncian los Postres Brasileรฑos en Portuguรฉs

Ahora vamos a ver como se pronuncian los postres brasileรฑos en portuguรฉs, ยกverรกs que divertido!

List of Brazilian Sweets

Now, besides having the list of Brazilian sweets we have learned, you can also learn the recipe for each of them in the links we prepared for you. You just have to cook them and enjoy while practicing Portuguese.

O doce de abรณbora O brigadeiro O curau
O cuscuz A goiabada O manjar
A paรงoca A pamonha O pรฉ-de-moleque
A rapadura O Romeu e Julieta A tapioca doce
O beijinho O quindim A cocada
O cajuzinho O bolo de rolo o arroz doce

That’s it, everyone!
So, what is your favorite Brazilian sweet of dessert? Tell us on Twitter!

We’ll see each other again on our next Dica!
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