Brazilian Tapioca

29 de May de 2018

Would you like to try something delicious and healthy?
Then, you should try the Brazilian tapioca. Let’s learn how to prepare it.

Brazilian Tapioca

Tapioca is really easy to prepare and all we need is what we call Goma de Tapioca. It’s easily made with the famous Brazilian manioc, but don’t worry, you don’t need to prepare the Goma. You can find it in any supermarket.

Take some Goma and fry it. The greatest thing about Tapioca is that you can create your own by filling it with any dressing. Select your dressings, put them in the Tapioca, flip it over and fry a little bit more.

If you like some sauce, feel free to put them too. That’s it! Ready to eat!
Easy right?

Hope you enjoy your Tapioca!
We meet again on our next Dica!

Bon appetit!

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