Brazilian Women’s Clothing

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Hello everyone! Have you ever considered what differentiates the Brazilian women’s fashion from other parts of the world? Wonder no more! Today, we will learn all about the Brazilian women’s clothing! From the Brazilian legging until the cut swimsuit, Brazil is famous for not being afraid to take risks when we are talking about fashion. Do you think Brazilians dress shorter clothes? Would you ever consider wearing one of our famous Brazilian cut bathing suits? Let’s find out today!

Vocabulary of Brazilian Women’s Clothing

Parte de Cima (Up)

Brazilian Women's Clothing: camiseta, blusa

Do you know the primary difference between a blusa and camiseta? If you thought that the blusa has sleeves and the camiseta doesn’t, you’re right! Another commonly used synonym for blusa is camisa. In the past, we used blusa only for those used inside a suit, but nowadays blusa and camisa are synonymous for women and men. Usually, when people study Portuguese in Rio, they all wear camisetas because of the warm temperatures!

Brazilian Women's Clothing: jaqueta, casaco

Both the jaqueta and casaco are used to warm our upper bodies! But what’s the difference? We generally use the jaqueta for more structured fabrics, such as jeans and leather. The term casaco is more general, and it can be made out of wool, or just be a sweatshirt.

Parte de Baixo (Down)

Brazilian Women's Clothing: short, bermuda

Short and bermuda are very famous in Brazil due to the high temperatures. Many people think that the word short is just for women, and the word bermuda for men. But this is a myth! It’s actually about the length! Short, as the name implies, are typically well above the knee, while bermuda usually reach the knee area.

brazilian womens clothing: legging e calça jeans

Brazilian leggings are famous! This type of pants were actually created to be worn while we exercise, but Brazilian women love to wear them as a casual outfit due to their comfort. Calça jeans, in turn, are indispensable anywhere in the world!

Conjuntos (Sets)

brazilian womens clothing: vestido e terninho

The Brazilian dress can come in all lengths and styles. Brazilian women wear long, loose dresses when it’s hot. Or a more refined dress for a special occasion. It’s so suitable for many occasions! The terninho, on the other hand, is named after the term terno, which is the equivalent for men. The terninho can be composed of either a blazer with pants or a blazer with a skirt.

Roupa Íntima e Roupa de Banho (Lingerie and Swimwear)

brazilian womens clothing: maiô e biquíni

The Brazilian cut bathing suits (also called the Brazilian cut swimsuits) are famous worldwide, right? We call them biquínis and maiôs. Some Brazilian women like to wear what we call fio-dental at the beach: a well-cut bottom, which allows them to tan almost without leaving any untanned parts. But that’s not to say that some don’t prefer bigger biquínis e maiôs, we have beach clothes for all tastes! The important thing is to feel good and enjoy! Did you know you can have Portuguese classes with us even at the beach to enjoy the sun and the sand?

brazilian womens clothing: calcinha e sutiã

Speaking of underwear now, we have the calcinha and the sutiã! They come in all sorts of shapes and textures, but did you know that we have a very famous sutiã variant? The sutiã that Brazilian women wear to exercise, together with the famous Brazilian leggings, is called a top. Simple, right?

brazilian womens clothing: meias e meia-calça

We can’t leave out meias, which are so essential to keeping our feet warm! And indispensable for wearing with some shoes, right? When the meia is long, usually made of a thinner material, and covers a woman’s entire leg, we call it meia-calça. Yes, the name refers to something that is half a pair of pants!

brazilian womens clothing: pijama e camisola

And when that sleepiness hits, we have to wear the most comfortable clothes we have for sleeping. In Brazil, a general term for nightwear is pijama. But women have an interesting variant called a camisola. It’s like a Brazilian dress, only for sleeping, of course. When pijamas are feminine and consist of shorts and a shirt, we also call them a shortdoll.

Pronunciation of Brazilian Women’s Clothing

Now, let’s listen and repeat the words we have just learned to achieve that perfect pronunciation!

Well, that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed it! If you want to keep learning about clothes, we have this amazing Dica that will suit you very well! :p

Do you think Brazilian women’s fashion is any different from your own culture? Do you think there are things you would never see a woman in your country wearing, that Brazilian women love? Tell us in the comments! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and we’ll see you on our next Dica!


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