Brazil’s first samba school

Primeira Escola de Samba do Brasil. Escola de samba Deixa Falar.

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On today’s Dica, we will learn a bit about the first samba school in Brasil.

In 1928, the first Brazilian samba school appeared and it was named Deixa falar (let it/them talk).

With the city growth, the poorer classes were forced to move out to the hill sides and outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, where they formed what is now known as favelas or periferias. In one of these places, composers , musicians and sambistas from the black community, through their varied gathering of rhythms and ideas , founded the first samba school Deixa Falar

In 1929, Deixa Falar had their first parade. It was a small parade between the neighborhoods of Estacio and Praça Onze . other samba blocks such as Mangueira and Oswaldo Cruz also attended the event, as well as samba blocks from different neighborhoods.

In those days,  samba was known as a type of criminal activity and a person could be arrested for jaywalking if the police saw them sambando (dancing) through the streets . Because of this negative image of samba , the police closely monitored the small parade.

The first samba school, disappeared in the early 1930.However, Deixa falar samba school contributed greatly to the growth of the samba culture in the city of Rio de Janeiro: The surdo de marcação do ritmo and the tamborim, were instruments that were left behind as inheritance from the school. Alcebíades Barcellos, also known as the Bide , was the creator of these instruments and also one of the founders of Deixa falar samba school.

In 1935 , governmental institutions finally accepted the samba schools parades.

There is no official record of that time . The first book to tell the story of the samba school Deixa falar, appeared in 1950

The most important schools of that period were the Portela and Mangueira .
The Portela parades introduced in the allegories , the plot ( story ) and the front line commission . The Manngueira , was well known for being the most traditional of all schools , emerged from the union of several carnival blocks .


Primeira Escola de Samba do Brasil. Escola de samba deixa falar. Surge pela primeira vez a escola de samba deixa falar.

Linha de tempo:

1928 -The samba school Deixa falar emerges for the first time.

1929 – The ‘Deixa falar’ perform their first parade in Estácio and in Praça Onze neighborhood.

1930 – The samba school ‘Deixa falar’ fades away.

1935 – The government institutions accept the parades of the samba schools.

1950 – The first records appear that tell the story of the samba schools.

Now we know a little about the origin of the samba schools and the history of the first school of samba, the Deixa falar .

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