Breathtaking sunset at Sugarloaf Mountain

Led by our fearless instructor I began hiking up Urca mountain with my classmates. Suddenly I had left the city and was surrounded by a dense green forest. The encouraging song birds and fresh air helped me climb to the top. Resting, I gazed at the cargo ships in the bay that looked like small toy boats. Next we took the cable car up to Sugarloaf. At the top the weather was perfect and view amazing. The best part was having fun with my classmates. Leaving to go home I felt motivated to keep learning Portuguese!

Matthew Scott, United States

Sunset form Sugarloaf Mountain

On this amazing spring afternoon, we went hiking with RioLIVE!, at Morro da Urca and then took a “Bondinho” to our main destination: Pão de Açúcar! We climbed there to check out the best sightseeing spot in  Rio de Janeiro. By the end, we wrapped up our tour enjoying the most breathtaking sunset with a beautiful view of Christ the Redeemer from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. Not only did we have an incredible time together but also used that moment to learn Portuguese in the best way possible… By living it!

Students posing for the picture. Behind them, christ the redeemer.

Check out for more pictures of the breathtaking view we had at Sugarloaf Mountain admiring the sunset on our Facebook Page:

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