Children’s games in Brazil

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Our Dica today takes us back to childhood. Today we’ll talk about the popular children’s games in Brazil. Let’s learn the names and the correct pronunciation for each of them:

Children’s games

Children's games in Brazil: Pular amarelinha.

Brincadeiras populares no Brasil: Rodar o bambolê.

Brincadeiras de crianças brasileiras: Pular corda.

Brincadeiras de crianças no Brasil: Pular elástico.

Jogos infantis populares no Brasil: Brincar de esconde-esconde.

Jogos de crianças populares: Jogar bola de gude.

Brincadeiras populares Brasileiras: Rodar pião.

Brincadeiras para crianças no Brasil: Soltar pipa.

Brincadeiras para crianças brasileiras: Jogar queimada.

Brincadeiras infantis dos índios brasileiros: Jogar peteca.

Did you know that peteca was invented by Brazilian Indians?
They used to play with a small bag full of sand and some feathers on the top. The game became very popular around Brazil and mainly among Brazilian children.

That’s it, fellas!
What games did you use to play when you were children? Is there any game similar to Brazilian ones?

See you again on our next Dica!
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