Building nice memories!

Walking around Porto Maravilha

We had an interesting trip to Gamboa and the murals by the artists of South America, the cruise ship was in town, with parties on the shore. We toured close to the Cais do Valongo, the reception centre for 1 million of Brazil’s African slaves ship arrivals between the years of 1811 to 1831. Finally visiting the „museum of the future“ in the very futuristic and rather beautiful museum. Taking you from the past starting with the Big Bang, through to the present and into the future!! Explaining particle physics through environmental science and biology!!! A throughly informative afternoon!!!

David Flood, Germany

Belvedere, Museu do Amanhã

Our students are building nice memories in Rio. And visiting Porto Maravilha has a big influence on that. The mix with art, views and future at Museu do Amanhã gave this visit a special meaning. The easiest way of building nice memories. 

Mural das Etnias- Rio

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