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On today’s Dica we will talk about the most important meal of the day, so we will learn a bit about the typical Brazilian breakfast. Brazilians cannot start the day without a good breakfast, after all, contrary to common belief, we do work a lot =). Shall we see what Brazilians have for breakfast?

Ingredients of a typical Brazilian breakfast

What Brazilians have for breakfast. Pão de forma

Typical breakfast in Brazil: Pão francês.

What brazilians have for breakfast: ManteigaEssential things in the brazilian breakfast: Leite.Most important items in the brazilian breakfast: CaféBreakfast in Brasil: Suco de laranjaIndispensable items in the brazilian breakfast: QueijoWhat do brazilians eat in the morning: PresuntoHealthy breakfast in Brazil: Frutas

Some people don’t have time to have a typical Brazilian breakfast at home, only on the way to work, therefore they don’t eat all that, because many bakeries and diners in Brazil serve basic breakfast. In Rio de janeiro for example, we have a breakfast that consists in coffee with milk, that we call Pingado, and a pão na chapa, which is a french bread cut in half, with butter, heated in a griddle plate. In some states, like São Paulo for example, this type of breakfast is called Média.

That’s all guys! We have just seen what Brazilians have for breakfast! How is the breakfast in your country? Share with us leaving a comment!

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