Caipi-anything-you-fancy at Pedra do Sal

Estudiantes en la noche más loca en Pedra do Sal.

Our night out in Pedra do Sal was amazing! We bumped into loads of people we knew and there was a great vibe to the place. Great music, you could get food and “caipi-anything-you-fancy” drinks made for you in the street, and we stayed out until 6am… What more could you ask for?

George Watkins, United Kingdom


Students drinking caipirinha at Pedra do Sal
Students practicing portuguese with Caipirinha and Samba

In our RioLIVE! we had the most crazy friday night that someone could have! We drank Caipi-anything-you-fancy at Pedra do Sal and danced during whole night! It was unforgettable and fun!


guys toasting caipirinha at Pedra do Sal
Our students toasting caipirinha at Pedra do Sal


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