How to prepare Caipirinha. A Caipirinha.

What’s up? Let’s learn a little bit more about Brazil? Today we are going to show you caipirinha recipe so you can have fun and prepare it by yourself!

Caipirinha meaning

Ok, first things first. You know what caipirinha means, right? If you are a little lost, I’ll tell you: is the most famous alcoholic drink in Brazil. But it’s not just famous, it’s SUPER FAMOUS!!!!!!!! Caipirinha would be our president if it was a person. It really represents Brazilian culture! Everywhere you go in Brazil you can get a Brazilian cocktail caipirinha.

Have you ever tried it? Do you love it???

Caipirinha Recipe

In our Dica today, we are going to learn the caipirinha drink recipe with Rei do Limão. So check out this amazing video step by step and learn how to do your own caipirinha!

Let’s check out the caipirinha cocktail recipe so you can do it by yourself and impress all your friends and family!

Caipirinha ingredients

Caipirinha recipe directions

    • Cut the lime in smaller parts
    • Mix the lime and sugar in a glass
    • Complete with cachaça
    • Smash smoothly the mixture with a pestle
    • Add ice
    • Shake it a lot
    • Drink as much as you like

In this video we saw how to prepare caipirinha using limes. This famous Brazilian drink is traditionally made with limes, but did you know that we can use other fruits? It is possible to drink a mango caipirinha, strawberry caipirinha, passion fruit caipirinha, and many more…

The main ingredients of caipirinha drink are: cachaça, ice, sugar and lime. This combination would make the perfect Brazilian cocktail, the caipirinha. However, as people begin to get creative, we started to create other ways to make a caipirinha combining it with alternative fruits and types of alcohol.

As you saw, traditionally we use cachaça in the Brazilian caipirinha recipe. But of course you can change that too! If you don’t like cachaça or if you prefer vodka, you can ask for a caipirinha made with vodka! It is also very good!!! We call that a caipiroska caipirinha or just caipirosca. When it comes to the caipirinha cocktail there are two types of people: the ones who will only drink their caipirinhas with cachaça and the ones who only like vodka caipirinhas :P. Which one are you?

Now, we know how to prepare the traditional caipirinha from Brazil. If you are in any doubt, come and participate in our Lapa RioLIVE! activity and learn how to recreate the best caipirinha recipe in Rio with Rei do Limão.

Bye bye!

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