1 de March de 2016

What’s up? Let’s learn a little more about Brazil? Today we will talk about the Caipirinha! This famous and popular Brazilian drink is a cocktail made using cachaΓ§a as base. For some, it’s considered the Brazilian national drink. The good news is that the traditional Brazilian caipirinha has a very straightforward recipe, although you must know there are many variations of it. We have a vodka caipirinha variation, the caipiroska. Some people swap out the limes and create strawberry, passion fruit, mango and even pineapple caipirinhas. But what is the actual meaning of the word caipirinha? How can we define it for someone that has never tasted it? Today we will learn this, and also a great recipe! Caipirinha ingredients are not that hard to find, so pay close attention and learn how to prepare the best Brazilian caipirinha today!

The Story Behind the Famous Cocktail

Ok, first things first. If you are a little lost, I’ll tell you: this is the most famous alcoholic drink in Brazil. But it’s not just famous, it’s SUPER FAMOUS! Everywhere you go in Brazil, you can get a Brazilian caipirinha cocktail. It represents Brazilian culture! Some even dare to say that this drink is the Brazilian national drink. Have you ever tried it? Did you love it?

But the word itself, however, is rooted in history. This famous Brazilian drink was created in the counrtyside of SΓ£o Paulo, by landowners of sugarcane plantations. The caipirinha cocktail was a substitute for other elegant but expensive imported drinks. Usually, when we talk about someone that lives in the countryside, we call them “caipira”; so it’s easy to understand the caipirinha meaning now!

 Caipirinha Recipe

In our Dica today, we are going to learn the best recipe with Rei do LimΓ£o. So check out this amazing video step by step and learn to make it all by yourself! I am sure you will become popular among your friends knowing how to make this classic Brazilian cocktail.

Now that you have seen how to prepare this famous Brazilian drink, let’s check out the caipirinha cocktail recipe. We will list all the cocktail ingredients and the recipe itself, so you can make it yourself and impress all your friends and family!

Ingredients for the Popular Brazilian Cocktail

The Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe

    • Cut the lime in smaller segments
    • Throw the lime and sugar together in a glass
    • Add cachaΓ§a
    • Gently muddle the mixture using a pestle
    • Add ice
    • Shake it a lot
    • Drink as much as you like

In this video, we saw how to prepare it using limes. This famous Brazilian drink is traditionally made with limes, but did you know that we can use other fruits? It is possible to drink a mango, strawberry, passion fruit, pineapple caipirinha and many more…

The main ingredients of this drink are: cachaΓ§a, ice, sugar and lime. This combination can make the perfect Brazilian cocktail. However, as people begin to get creative, we started to create other ways by combining it with alternative fruits and types of alcohol. If you don’t like cachaΓ§a, you can ask for a vodka caipirinha! It is also very good! We call that a caipiroska.

Now we know how to prepare the most traditional cocktail from Brazil. Would you try to come up with your own twist on the caipirinha recipe now? Leave it for us in the comments, so we can try as well! Now that you know everything about the caipirinha, how would you describe it to a friend?

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Bye bye!

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