Caipirinhas with cachaça and samba at Pedra do Sal.

Pedra do Sal squeezes a lot of fun into a small space. Stalls selling caipirinhas and street food line the streets entering and exiting the cozy square so that you can arrive into the centre of the party chilled out and with your buzz on. You can get involved in the dancing closer into the middle or, as we did, relax at the peripherary, practicing our portuguese while enjoying the music and ambience! It was a great chance to get to know my fellow students and teachers better, and work our way through all fruits it was possible to use in a caipirinha!

Mark Prince, United Kingdom

Pedra do Sal is were samba was born.

Pedra do Sal is were samba was born.

We went to know the place where samba was born and we had caipirinhas with cachaça and samba. Yes, caipirinhas with cachaça, the real ones not the vodka ones as our students didn’t feel confident with brazilian vodka quality 😉

We did some jokes about the expresion “na puta que pariu”. As we realized that some of our students were living na puta que pariu!

If you want to get to know where the samba was born come with us to Pedra do Sal.

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