Caipirinhas na Lapa

Caipirinhas na Lapa

Caipirinhas at Lapa with Rei do Limão
Caipirinhas at Lapa!!!

Probably the most Carioca plan for a Friday night is to have some delicious Caipirinhas at Lapa, but if you prepare the caipirinha by yourself with the teaching of Rei do Limão the night get still funniest!!!

Last Friday we went to visit Lapa with our students from Germany, USA, UK, Canadá and Japan to get to know how the neighbourhood with more nightlife in Rio is. We started our visit walking from metrô station Cinelândia until Escadaria Selarón. At Escadaria Selaron our students looked for some tile from their countries as they were taking pictures around. After our pics at Escadaria Selaron, we walk the bohemian streets until we arrived at Arcos da Lapa where we took this beautiful picture:

Gringos nos Arcos da Lapa
Arcos da Lapa

After visiting the Arcos, the most famous thing at Lapa, we walked around taking pics as for example this one at Fundição Progresso.

Gringos em frente da Fundição Progresso
Fundição Progresso

The night was being very hot with a very high humidity, but before our Caipirinhas workshop we had to go to have dinner, so we went to a traditional boteco to have a nice picanha, the most famous meat in Brazil with refreshing beers (chopps). We chat in Portuguese about different aspects of the life of our students since they arrived to Brazil, and they explained as well things of their countries.

Enjoying a picanha and talking Portuguese at Brazil
Enjoying a picanha!!

After the nice Portuguese language talking we were ready to learn how to do Caipirinhas at Lapa. Our students first learned with Rei do Limão, doing a caipirinha with him and after drinking each his caipirinha, every student prepared his own caipirinha. Our students discovered lots of flavours and ways to do caipirinhas with lots of Brazilian fruits, not just the traditional lemon one. To prepare by yourself Caipirinhas at Lapa is a funny way to start a weekend with lots of party and beach at Rio de Janeiro.

See how happy our students were on the next pics!!!

SAM_0322 SAM_0323 SAM_0325 SAM_0332 SAM_0333 SAM_0335 SAM_0336 SAM_0337 SAM_0339 SAM_0340 SAM_0343 SAM_0347 SAM_0348 SAM_0349 SAM_0350 SAM_0351 SAM_0352 SAM_0353
SAM_0356 SAM_0357 SAM_0358

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