Camping in Rio de Janeiro

21 de February de 2018

Hi guys!
Do you enjoy camping? Our Dica of today is going to be about camping in Rio de Janeiro.

Camping Rio de Janeiro

The state of Rio de Janeiro hides amazing places for people that enjoy camping. However, it’s important to know that it’s not possible to camp in public areas like beaches, parks, etc.

Where can you camp?

If you want to camp, the best recommendation is to look for places that offer the service of camping in contact with nature. It’s usual to camp in backyards of other people that live in places with big areas. That’s very typical in places like Ilha Grande, Arraial do Sana, Itatiaia, Nova Friburgo, Cabo Frio, Búzios, Teresópolis, Trindade, Visconde de Mauá and many other locations.

Camping in Rio de Janeiro can be done close to beaches and also close to mountains. The important thing is to be in contact with nature.

For people who want to camp, prices are usually very accessible. They vary from 20 to 40 reais per person.

What should you take to your camping trip?

Guys, there are some things that we can’t forget when we go camping.

  • a camping tent
  • camping mattress
  • first aid kit
  • flashlight
  • lamp
  • repellent
  • water canteen
  • backpack
  • clothes and extra socks
  • rain cover for tent

Next, we’ll show you a small list of places to go camping in Rio de Janeiro.

Búzios – Camping Búzios

Only 20 minutes from Street of Rocks (Rua das Pedras). There, you can find an equipped kitchen and restaurant. Also, there’s a grocery store that can be very helpful, selling drinks, and snacks. Prices are around 30 reais.

Adress:  Via Alternativa, s/n, Ferradura.

Ilha Grande – Acorde

Following Abraão Beach, which is at the entrance to the island, you need to walk for about 40 minutes along the T10 trail – it is also possible to take a boat there. The rates start at 20 reais. There is enough room for 60 tents.

Adress: Estrada Tenente José Francisco de Azevedo s/n, Praia das Palmas.

Cabo Frio – Peró Dunes

Among those beautiful white sand dunes, the camp is in the Peró neighborhood, which is only twelve kilometers from the center of Cabo Frio. The campsite is well equipped with points of light, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, soccer field and volleyball. Prices range from 25 to 30 reais.

Adress: Estrada do Guiriri, 1001, Bosque do Peró, Cabo Frio

Nova Friburgo – Caledônia

In the town of Mury, one of the highest stretches of the mountain town. With attractions around: waterfalls and restaurants serving homemade food. It also has spaces for sports, sauna and natural pools. The rates start at 12 reais.

Adress: Avenida Hamburgo, 730, Parque Mury. Entrada km  69 da Estrada Rio-Friburgo.


They are 2,500 meters of altitude, in the National Park of Itatiaia and it is near to the Peak of the Agulhas Negras. Temperatures can reach up to -5 ° C during the winter and you can see the fields covered by a thin layer of ice at dawn. The park charges daily from 20 reais. It is possible to make reservations here.

Adress: Estrada Parque Nacional Km 8,5

Visconde de Mauá – Santa Clara Farm

The road that connects the two main cities of the region – Maromba and Maringá. The space counts with 6000 square meters and is surrounded by mountains. The lodging has a snack bar, bar, snooker and barbecue and the daily ones start at 20 reais$ 20 per person.

Adress: Estrada do Maringá – Maromba, Km 1

Rio – Brasil Club

If you want the experience of camping without leaving the city, there is a camping option in front of Macumba Beach, in the West Zone; the club is 50 km from the center of Rio de Janeiro. Great for surfing, the beach also has waterfront kiosks and gastronomic options.

Adress: Estrada do Pontal, 5.900

Macaé – Sana

Separated by the Sana River, the property is very well structured and has parking and leisure area. With twenty minutes of walking, you arrive at the Escorrega Waterfall; with 40 minutes, the Sete Quedas Waterfall. A great place to enjoy good music at night. Prices starting at 20 reais.

Adress: Rua José de Jesus, 48, centro.

Trindade – Menina Flor (Flower Girl)

Just 100 meters from Praia do Meio and 50 meters from beautiful waterfalls, the lodge has shower and hot water; the rates start at 20 reais.

Adress: Rua Eufrásio do Carmo (Rua da Cachoeira) s/nº

Teresópolis – Quinta da Barra

A complete club with 30,000 m², and three kilometers from the center of the city: has a semi-Olympic swimming pool, games room, sauna and barbecue. Prices range from 20 reais.

Adress: Rua Antônio Maria, 100

Despite camping in Rio de Janeiro being prohibited in public areas, it’s very usual to see people camping in local beaches like Praia do Meio and Praia do Perigoso, on the West zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Now we know about the best locations to go camping in Rio de Janeiro!

See you on the next Dica, guys!

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