Candelária Church

Iglesia de la Candelaria en Río de Janeiro. A Igreja da Candelária é um ponto turístico importante no Rio de Janeiro.

Hello guys! How are you? Brazil is well-known by its history and relationship with Portugal, and also the catholic church. That is why we have so many ancient churches til this day in Rio! Today we are going to learn the history of Candelária Church in Rio de Janeiro. This is one of the main churches in our city and very important for our history. Let’s go!

Candelária Church History

The name of the church has its origin in a boat that sailed with a family that was heading to Brazil. This boat was called Candelária. The boat was about to suffer a shipwreck, so the family promised to build a church called Igreja da Candelária if they were able to make it to Rio alive.

On the top of the church a representation of this moment can be seen. The boat, the shipwreck, everything. So, through paintings you can see all the history of the church. It’s amazing!

Well guys around here you can notice that we are located at a very busy place. The Church is located between Avenida Rio Branco and Avenida Presidente Vargas. And for this reason, the Church is used nowadays as a meeting place for public demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro.

Facts about the Candelária Church

So, this church is not only as a historical representation of the city from the time in which it was built. There were two remarkable moments in the history of Rio. One positive and one negative:

  • We have had a rally called Diretas Já around the Church. That was a very important political movement to Brazil.
  • The negative moment was a slaughter that has happened where a few homeless people were killed. 

However, to this day, this place is used as a meeting place for demonstrators when they want to arrogate something here in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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Candelária Virtual Tour

Vocabulary for Candelária Church

até hojenowadays

That’s all guys! What did you think about the Candelária Church? Can you name other beautiful churches in Rio? What about in your own country?

We see you in our next Dica!

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