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Candomblé in Brazil

Candomblé is a word that means Dancing in honor of the Gods. It’s a religion of African traditions, practiced especially in Brazil by the named saint’s people (povo de santo).

Candomblé was originated in Salvador, Bahia on the beginning of the XIX Century, with the foundation of the first temple. Despite the candomblé being a Brazilian tradition, it’s possible to find it being practiced in other countries like Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Venezuela. It’s a religion with millions of adepts.

Candomblé was developed in the Creolization of traditional Yoruba through beliefs brought by slaves from Western Africa during the period of the Portuguese Empire. For 300 years, candomblé in Brazil was developed influenced by the knowledge of the older Africans that gave continuity to the teaching of its mythology, culture, and language. In addition, candomblé in Brazil absorbed some elements of Catholicism including some indigenous traditions.

The tradition of Candomblé in Brazil

Candomblé is a religion of oral tradition, meaning that there is no book or scripture. Candomblé practitioners believe in a Creator called Oludumaré, who is served by other smaller entities, the Orixás.

 Candomblé in Brazil and other religions

Brazil is characterized by the diversity of religions. The Brazilian Constitution grants freedom of religion, in addition to the separation of Church and State, meaning that it’s a Lay State. In Brazil, intolerance of all kinds is prohibited; religious practice is free in the country.

According to the Demographic Census of 2010, 0.3% of the population, 588,000, are followers of Afro-Brazilian animism, in which candomblé, Umbanda, and Tambor-de-mine stand out.

Let’s check the arrival of an important entity for the Candomblé practitioners (candomblecistas), Yansã.

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A lot of Axé (popular music genre originated in Salvador, also means energy) to you all and until the next Dica!

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