Capoeira Class at Leme

Capoeira Class at Leme.

Capoeira Class at Leme.

Einer der Ausfluege bei RioLIVE! hat uns in eine Capoeria Schule ganz in der Naehe der Sprachschule gefuehrt. Dort wurden wir von einem Meister und seinen Schuelern empfangen, die uns ausfuehrlich von den Urspruengen des Capoeria berichteten. Ausserdem haben wir selbst einige Schritte und Techniken ausprobiert, getrommelt und auch gesungen. Eine schoene Sache!

Tom Meier, Germany.

Our capoeira class at leme was very fun and interesting. Maestre Toni Vargas from Grupo Senzala used this meeting with Rio & Learn students to talk about the culture of capoeira in Brazil and around the world. Right in the beginning of the RioLIVE! it was possivel to notice that the RioLIVE! would be very nice, because the warm up we did was very funny. Students had to perform some moves according to the music rhythm.
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After the detailed instructions, students tried their first capoeira strikes. They were divided into pairs and started to play capoeira together. At the end of the RioLIVE! maestre Toni made a circle so all of us could practice together. The teachers of Grupo Senzala helped our students a lot. All the class was exciting, but all good things must come to an end and our RioLIVE! did. Now we just have to wait for the next Rio & Learn activity.
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