Capoeira Class

Capoeira Class

Capoeira Class with international students
Capoeira Class

J’ai vraiment apprecie le cours de Capoeira. Nous avons vraiment pu vivre l’experience en etant guide par un maitre hyper sympathique et dynamique, avec les chants et musique traditionnel. En plus, ce fut bon pour l’esprit de groupe. Superbe!

Benoit Blouin, Canada


Yesterday our students enjoyed a capoeira class with our friends of Grupo Senzala. 10 of our students from Canada, US, Peru, Switzerland, Venezuela, Japan and Germany participated on this class were they finished exhausted but happy.

As the Capoeira Mestre was just talking Portuguese they practiced Portuguese all the class long. Smiles and fun were everywhere. The capoeira class lasted almost two hours but after the class our students joined to take rest and relax to the beach. All of them liked the experience!!!

Come with us to learn Portuguese and Capoeira.

Watch a video of the best moments!!

Estudiantes de Rio & Learn en Capoeira Aprendo portugues y capoeira con Rio & Learn Capoeira class with RioLIVE!

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