Capoeira in Brazil

Capoeira in Brazil

Capoeira in Brazil is the RioLIVE! Activity that our students did yesterday!

I attended the capoeira class at Grupo Senzala.  Most of the group had never done capoeira before, and it was a total blast.  We spent most of the 2 hours there trying not kick each other in the head or fall backwards into the floor.  The teachers were awesome, and their demonstrations were pretty amazing.  It definitely picked my interest in the art of capoeira and can’t wait to take another class.

Jakob Schanzer, United States.

Dance or Fighting? The names don’t really matter. The important thing is to know the great cultural aspect that capoeira has in Brazil. We can say it is the union of martial arts, sports, music and popular culture. From an African origin, capoeira was brought to Brazil at the slavery time and it became an important cultural expression in Brazil. Nowadays, this art is spread all over the country and the world. After talking capoeira’s history, we left the school and headed to a class at Leme. We were welcomed by two masters, one from Brazil and the other from Colombia (but with a Brazilian heart). Both of them explained the students many differents steps, that they soon had to practice everything right after the explanation.

The students had a lot of fun and approved this RioLIVE!. The most interesting part is that the master talked only in Portuguese and it was wonderful to develop students’ conversation skills. Come and also have fun with RioLIVE!
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