Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro

Capoeira in Rio

Portuguese language students playing capoeira Rio & Learn.
Portuguese language students playing capoeira Rio & Learn.

Yesterday was a great oportunity to take in some culture here in Rio de Janeiro.  We had the pleasure to being able to explore the world of Capoeira.  A form of martial arts that is rich in history desending from African roots.  Should you have the chance to experince Caipoeira, jump on it.  Just make sure to stretch.

Quentin Glabus, Canada.

Our Portuguese language students enjoyed a great sunny afternoon to play Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro. Our RioLIVE! was very fun and cultural. From the beginning, Master Tony Vargas told us the history of Capoeira and consequently the history of Brazil. From the vibe we had at the warm up, we could already see that this RioLIVE! would be really fun, since the students did all the movements with extreme excitement. They were really determined to learn Capoeira.
Our Portuguese language students had the opportunity to experience all the Capoeira atmosphere, learn the steps, played the Atabaque, know the history and take part in a Roda de Capoeira. At the beginning it was really hard, but after one hour they were doing way better and ready to play Capoeira. In Rio, the Capoeira is a very common practice to remember the country’s cultural history. Finally, the students had the opportunity to practice the expression café com leite, that they learned in class.
Come have fun with us taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities.
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