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Capoeira, learning from the Mestre.
Learning from Mestre Toni.

During my stay in Rio, I get a chance not just to learn the language, but also be in touch with the culture.  The Capoeira RioLIVE! Activity with the language school was amazing. The master and assistance were very kind and nice to us, they gave us warm welcome and tough us the history and basic knowledge about Capoeira.

Then we really get to practice with them, and participate in the Capoeira circle at the end. That allows me to experience Capoeira first hand with the music, I can feel the spirituality of the music. I am so glad I got this chance to meet them.

Queenie Lau, Hong Kong

Do you know Capoeira? Capoeira is a dance/martial art typical from Brazil. Yesterday we went with our students from around the globe to have a first contact with this special ‘ritual’.  From Japan, China, Hong Kong, Sweden, Spain, Poland and US our students enjoyed this class with Mestre Toni Vargas and other people from Senzala, a Capoeira group created by Mestre Peixinho.

Firstly, our students did a warming up with the sound of a berimbau played by Mestre Toni as he was singing typical songs. After that, they started to learn Capoeira’s basics with Senzala members. They were following Mestre Toni’s indications as he was walking around giving nice advices to them as he was playing music.

When they were ready they did a circle where Mestre Toni explained the story of Capoeira, a ritual that comes from Brazilian slaves with African roots that were escaping for freedom. And after Mestre’s explanations, they practiced one by one their day’s learning. It was great to see their interest and happiness.

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