Capoeira in Rio

22 de February de 2022
Capoeira in Rio.
Capoeira in Rio.

Meeting 14:30h at Rio & Learn
Costs: R$35
P.s: Avoid eating heavy food before the activity and bring sport clothes.

Is capoeira a martial art? Is it a dance? Is it a game? It’s actually a mix of all that.Β Capoeira is a typical Brazilian tradition with a mix of martial art and dance.Β It was developed in Brazil by the African slaves with native BrazilianΒ influences, probably beginning in the 16th century, when Brazil was still a Portuguese colony. They were not allowed to practice any kind of martial art, so they found a way to disguise it as a form of dance. Till this day we never refer to the practice of this sport as “fight capoeira”, but instead we sayΒ jogar capoeira, which means to play.

It is one of the most amazing things to see on Brazil, where expert dancers fly around with amazing agility and controlled moves. Unlike all other fights, in capoeira you never touch your opponent, the objective is to create a fluid dance-like choreography, much like what we see in some dance styles.

Practice Capoeira in Rio

Playing Capoeira in Leme, Rio de janeiro.
Playing Capoeira in Leme, Rio de Janeiro.

On this RioLIVE! we’ll practice and learn with a real capoeira Mestre (Master),Β withΒ Mestre Toni, some basics of this amazing Brazilian tradition. We will not just learn how to move, but we will learn about the spirituality and history of this amazing tradition typical from Brazil as well. It will be an amazing opportunity to practice our Portuguese, learn some capoeira vocabulary, test our coordination and flexibility as well as bond with other students! Sounds amazing to me, doesn’t it? Stretch your limbs, wearΒ some comfy clothes and putΒ your game face on!

See on the links and the videos on them, how our day will be πŸ˜‰

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Capoeira is amazing.
Capoeira is amazing.