example of caralho in portuguese: essa foto ficou do caralho!

Hello guys! Welcome to one more class! On today’s Dica we are going teach you about one of the most used swear words in Portuguese: caralho. So, prepare yourself and come along!

What Does it Mean?

The word caralho can have multiple meanings:

  • The first one is related to a specific part of a ship – the crow’s nest.
  • The second meaning of this word is related to a part a man’s body: the penis. So, be careful how you use it, ok?
  • And the last context is related to a slang that is used to express fright or rage. It’s extremely popular here in Brazil and people use it all the time.

Let’s check out more about this swear word in our video, so you know how to use it when you come study in Copacabana with us.

Examples on How to Use it

example of caralho to express surprise: caralho! um cabelo branco!

To express fright

Michael: Caralho! Um cabelo branco! Eu tô ficando velho!
Michael: Fuck! A gray hair! I think I’m getting old!

To express rage

Igor: Ai, caralho! Esse notebook não funciona!
Igor: Oh fuck! This laptop doesn’t work!

Expressions Using Caralho in Portuguese

As most of the words in Portuguese, this one also has different expressions that were created and can be used in different contexts. Let’s check them out:

Para / Pra Caralho

This is always used as an adverb of intensity in Portuguese. It can be used instead of the word very. Example:
Eu adoro churrasco pra caralho!
I really like barbecue!

Casa do Caralho

This is often used to express that a location is far from where the speaker is located. Example:
Ela estuda português em Bangu, lá na casa do caralho!
She studies Portuguese in Bangu, far from here!

Caralho a Quatro

Caralho a quatro is used to express continuation, or even to replace the word etc. Take a look at the example:
Meu amigo disse que a esposa o traiu e caralho a quatro!
My friend told me his wife cheated on him and etc!

Caralho de Asa

This expression is used to express frustration or even outrage. Look at the example:
Meu caralho de asa! Como eu fui mal na prova!
My God! I was awful at the test.

Do Caralho

Our friend Moisés is going to teach you how to use this expression. Remember you can turn the English subtitles on!

And that’s it for today folks! Which was your favorite expression you learned today? Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel and to follow us on Facebook!

A huge kiss from the Rio & Learn team!

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