Portuguese Word Caralho

30 de September de 2014

Hello guys! Welcome to one more class! On today’s Dica we are going teach you the Portuguese word Caralho.
Grab your notebook  and your pen and come with us!

The word caralho can be used in different contexts. The first one is related to a specific part of a ship – the crow’s nest.

Portuguese word Caralho. O caralho

The second meaning of this word is related to a part a man’s body – THE PENIS. Yes! So be careful how you use it, ok?!

And the last context is related to a slang that is used to express fright or rage. It’s very popular here in Brazil and people use it all the time.

Examples with the Portuguese word Caralho

Portuguese word Caralho. Caralho! Um cabelo branco!

To express fright:

Michael: Caralho! Um cabelo branco! Eu tô ficando velho!

Michael: Fuck! A gray hair! I think I’m getting old!

To express rage:

Igor: Ai, caralho! Esse notebook não funciona!

Igor: Oh fuck! This laptop doesn’t work!

Slang Do Caralho in Portuguese

In Portuguese we also have a slang called Do Caralho. You can turn the English subtitles on and our friend Moisés is going to teach you how to use it:

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