Carioca Hikers

19 de October de 2018
Carioca Hikers. Hiking at Dois IrmΓ£os
They did it!
Muchos escritores y pensadores afirmaron que caminar es la mejor forma de liberar la mente. Si eso es cierto, las caminatas cariocas son el escenario ideal. Dois IrmΓ£os es el lugar ideal para probar la vista de RΓ­o de Janeiro desde los ojos de Dios!
Esmeralda Zaragoza, Mexico
Carioca Hikers. Tourists visiting Dois IrmΓ£os
What a great view!

Our Carioca Hikers spent the afternoon in one of the best places of Rio de Janeiro. They did the hiking at Morro Dois IrmΓ£os, a requested place for people who like to combine a good physycal activity with nature contact. After a good day of studies, our Portuguese students were really excited for this RioLIVE! They could do the hike really well and after some stops to rest, they were able to admire the views and take some good photos.

At the top, these Carioca Hikers could have an overall view of some good parts of the city, they loved it! See more of this activity on our Facebook page:

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