Carioca Night

Lapa, caipirinhas and fun.

Lapa, caipirinhas and fun.


Miyabi Yagi, Japan.
Carioca night at Espetto Carioca.

Carioca night at Espetto Carioca.

Last friday we gathered to enjoy the intense carioca night life. Our goal was going to Lapa and see a little of the carioca night. So we went downtown and enjoyed a great night.

Even with the rain, our Portuguese students could have a lot of fun, in the beginning was complicated because the rain was really strong and we got all wet, but it was also funny because it didn’t stop us to have fun and enjoy the night.

After spending some time at Lapa, we went to a nice restaurant for a birthday party that we have been invited to, the students had the opportunity to speak Portuguese, dance, talk to a lot of cariocas and show how they could practice the language even more. The funny night ended with caipirinhas and a lot of fun. It was an amazing night.

Come you too and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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