Carioca Redeemers

Redentores Cariocas.
Carioca Redeemers
Good people and good view!

Il est là. Il est grand. Il domine tout Rio de Janeiro, les bras grands ouverts. Le visage fermé, ne se laissant pas déstabiliser un seul instant par les touristes qui s’agitent à ses pieds. Ceux-là même qui n’hésitent pas à ramper sur le sol pour avoir leur selfie avec le fameux Cristo Redentor.

Aline Guebels, Belgium.

Carioca Redeemers
Open your arms and embrace their joy!

Besides Chirst Redeemer, our Portuguese students showed that they are also Carioca Redeemers. That’s what they showed by visiting and posing for their pictures at Corcovado. We took the train and headed to the top of the mountain, on the way we could have nice views and they could get more information about the city and of course practice our Portuguese.

It was nice because there were basic, intermediate and advanced students at the same time, they spoke and helped each other with the language. After admiring the views and taking a lot of good pictures, our carioca redeemers were really happy and ready for the rest of our RioLIVE! Activities for the week.

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Carioca Redeemers.

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