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What’s up guys!!
Today, the Rio de Janeiro Carnival officially begins. Let’s enjoy a good time, jump, dance and have fun. It will be four days of much celebration, merriment and fun. People dress their costumes and go to the streets with their friends and family to enjoy the biggest party in town.

The parades of the Samba Schools

Os desfiles das Escolas de Samba no Carnaval no Rio de Janeiro. As escolas desfilam no Sambódromo.

Carnaval begins on Friday and on that day the first parades of samba schools take place. The parades begin with the Grupo de Acesso schools, a group of schools that competes to be part of the Grupo Especial. The champion moves on to the Grupo Especial the following year.

On Sunday parades of the Grupo Especial begin. There are 12 samba schools parading full of glamour and beauty bringing one of the most beautiful performances in Brazil e a Rio & Learn também estará na Marquês de Sapucaí, mostrando que tem samba no pé. All these schools parade in the Sambódromo and it is there that most of the Cariocas go to celebrate Carnaval. Look at the order of the parades of the samba schools and you celebrate too. Have you ever thought about participating in one of the biggest parties in the world, watching an officil parade? No? We’ll take you there.

The street bands

Blocos de rua

Another way to celebrate the Carnaval, or even better, to enjoy the Carnaval is to participate in the street blocks. They are Carnaval groups with a lot of people dressed up, singing, dancing and partying. The blocks are all over Rio de Janeiro and you can enjoy different blocks in one day. You only need to have energy! If you are here in the Marvelous City, check out the schedule of the street blocks.

If you want to enjoy Rio de Janeiro Carnival with Rio & Learn then keep an eye on our RioLIVE! activities We always make a visit to the Samba Schools and also go to the Sambadrome rehearsals. Come with us!

And don’t miss the street parties, guys! There are lots of them around the city during Rio de Janeiro Carnival. But guys, you must pay attention to your satfety, ok? We can help you with some safety tips.

Buy Carnival Costums

A great place for you to buy a good Carnival costume and enjoy the party is at Uruguaiana, in the center of Rio. That’s right! There, you can find a great variety of stores with all kinds of costumes to have a lot of fun, being part of the joy in the Marvelous City.

Good Carnaval for all you and have a lot of fun!
A Carnaval kiss from Rio & Learn!

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