How to write a postcard in Portuguese

How to write a postcard in Portuguese. Postcard from the Dois Irmãos mountain in Rio de Janeiro. On the background we can see Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon and on the right, Ipanema beach.

Hey guys, all good?

On our Dica today, we will talk about and show how to write a postcard in Portuguese.

Nowadays, with the advances in the field of technology, people barely ever send postcards to each other. On the other hand, the postcards are very common on many different cities in the world.

Usually, the postcards show a picture of a given touristic spot in the city. Here in Rio de Janeiro, it is very common to see pictures of places like Christ the Redeemer, the Sugar Loaf and Maracanã.

On the image below, we will learn how to write a postcard in Portuguese:

Postcard written in Portuguese

How to write a postcard in Portuguese. The back of a postcard with the view from the top of the Dois Irmão mountain, and on the background Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in Rio de Janeiro. On the message says: We at Rio & Learn wish that you come to meet this amazing city that is Rio de Janeiro. We wait for you here! Kisses. Rio & Learn Portuguese school for foreigners Director's office. Siqueira Campos Street, 16 Mezzanine 202. CEP: 22031-072

What about in your country? What are the most common touristic spots depicted in your postcards?

Make a list of at least five touristic spots in your city and share with us on our Facebook or our Twitter. Or even better, send us a postcard of a touristic spot from your city!

We will be waiting, anxiously!
Hug from Rio de Janeiro!

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