Cassava in Brazil

4 de September de 2018

Hi, guys! Do you like Aipim? What about Mandioca? Or even Macaxeira! In this video Dica we speak about Cassava in Brazil, this most famous and delicious piece of food.

Cassava in Brazil

While having Nigeria as its biggest producer, Cassava is big in Brazil, even more in the north region, known as Mandioca or Macaxeira, giving birth to a whole range of typical meals and sweets like fried Cassava or Tapioca.

Cassava in Brazil. Seu nome depende da regiรฃo.When arriving in Brazil, the colonists were surprised to find an abundance of Cassavaโ€™s flour, bigger and easier than the European flour, leading to be one of their main sources of food.

In the north and northeast regions of Brazil, people usually eat cassavaโ€™s flour together with an everyday lunch, and itโ€™s common to find as a side dish in a barbecue too.
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Cassava in Brazil is cheap and easy to prepare, thatโ€™s why youโ€™ll mostly find it at bars sold by portions, next to a cold beer and live samba.

Itโ€™s really easy to prepare:

Just take some, remove its peel and take it into boiling water. When soft, pour oil in a frying pan, let it heat and then add the cassava. Wait for that perfect crispy, yellowish look and just dive in. Itโ€™s amazing and really delicious.

Thatโ€™s it! I suggest looking for some Tapioca too, itโ€™s typical and goes fine with pretty much anything. Hope you enjoy and feel a little bit more of Brazil in every bite. See you guys at our next A Dica do Dia! Tchau Tchau!

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