Cássia Eller

14 de April de 2020

Hey, guys! Are you ok? Today in our Dica we will talk about the singer Cássia Eller.  Another great Brazilian artist.

Brazilian Singer Cássia

Cássia Rejane Eller was born on December 10th 1962 and she was a Brazilian who became famous in the early 90’s by performing a mixture of rock and MPB (Popular Brazilian Music). She was different because she was the performer, all the songs that made her famous and successful were actually written by other artists. Most of them were her friends who just loved her voice and wanted their songs to be recorded and sung by her.

She released five albums in her lifetime, all of them included some classics such as O segundo sol and Malandragem but her acoustic album was the most successful, selling over one million copies. She was also ranked as the 18th greatest vocalist and 40th greatest Brazilian musician by Rolling Stone. Let’s a video of Cássia performing:

Cássia Eller died on December 29th 2001 at the age of 39, from a heart attack caused by a malformation of her heart. Even gone she hasn’t been forgotten and she is recognized as one of our best contemporary Brazilian singers.

Curiosities About Cássia Eller

  • She only wrote three songs in her life, her most famous hits she only performed.
  • After performing a Nirvana song at Rock in Rio, Dave Grohl (former Nirvana member) was very complimentary.
  • In this same concert her son, at only 7 years old, played the percussion.


Alright friends? We’ve learned more about the Brazilian singer Cássia Eller. Stay tuned for our Dicas.

See you!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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