Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

Students at the cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

Meeting: 14:30h at Rio & Learn
Costs: Uber 6,25 – 12,50 Reais

Did you know that in addition to beautiful churches, amazing beaches and lots of places to party, we also have a cathedral in Rio? The Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro was built in 1979 and is located in downtown Rio. Its full name is Cathedral of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro.

Estudantes dentro da Catedral de São Sebastião.

São Sebastião is known as the patron of the wonderful city and is considered so important that it has a holiday of its own. January 20th is Saint Sebastian’s day, so you can imagine how many people visit the cathedral in Rio de Janeiro. For the more religious it is an excellent time to go there and show respect for him. We also have processions through the city on this day. To find out about this holiday, read our Dica about it.

This cathedral has impressive architecture with the shape of a cone and a capacity for 20,000 people. Inside it has beautiful sculptures and chandeliers. On the roof of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio there is a glass cross that allows the sun to enter, creating beautiful shadows and several colored stained-glass windows.

Did you know that the old name of Rio was São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro? Yes!!! So now you know why this cathedral is so important to the city as well as being a great tourist spot. Click here to see our previous student visits. Did you like it? Come with us on our next visit to the Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro. If you are here on the 20th of January, it will be even more special and you will be able to really immerse yourself in the carioca culture. See our students having fun with our RioLIVE activities!

Estudantes se divertindo com Jack Sparrow perto da catedral.
Students having fun with Jack Sparrow near the cathedral.

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