CCBB in Rio de Janeiro

19 de January de 2017

CCBB in Rio de Janeiro

CCBB in Rio de Janeiro. O CCBB foi inaugurado em 1989.
Do you believe that theΒ place in the picture was once a bank?
So, let’s get to know the CCBB in Rio de Janeiro.

In 1920 the Bank of Brazil decided to buy a commercial building in Rio de JaneiroΒ to create another branch.Β It became then the most important financial center in Brazil, which lasted 40 years.Β However, in 1980 the bank of Brazil decided to change the building into a cultural center.

The project was hard, but the bank managed to preserve the original structure of the buildingΒ and restore the columns, decorations and small details of the construction.Β In 1989, CCBB was finally opened as a Cultural Center.Β And that’s what CCBB stands for:Β Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil Cultural Center).

It’s one of the most important cultural centers in Rio, where you can find, movies, theater, music,Β and different exhibitions either for a cheaper price or for free. Check out the culturalΒ schedule.

Do you have anything like it in your country?
If you’re willing to visit CCBB in Rio de Janeiro someday, come with us on our Rio Centro Walking Tour RioLIVE!

We’ll be waiting for you!

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