Celpe-Bras Exam

3 de April de 2019

Have you ever wanted to test your Portuguese? Would you like to have a government-issued certificate of your Portuguese proficiency? Well, that is what CELPE-Bras exam is for. Today we will discuss all about the CELPE-Bras, including our preparation course!

CELPE-Bras stands for Certificado de ProficiΓͺncia em LΓ­ngua Portuguesa para Estrangeiros. It is the certificate of proficiency in Portuguese as a second language officially recognized and developed by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC). Putting this technical explanation aside, the CELPE-Bras exam is the Brazilian Proficiency test for those who already speak Portuguese.

It’s a formal certification of your Portuguese level and it can be used for business or educational purposes in different countries. But if you intend to work in Brazil, don’t worry too much about doing the CELPE-Bras test, unless a company asks you. Most of the companies will test your Portuguese level during an interview.

How does the exam work?

The Brazilian proficiency test has two parts: the written exam and oral exam. Both of these parts have a specific time to be finished. The written part of the exam has a duration of three hours. It consists of 4 tasks:

  • Video comprehension and written production
  • Audio comprehension and written production
  • Reading comprehension and written production, part 1
  • Reading comprehension and written production, part 2

You are probably thinking that you have to write a lot, right? Don’t worry! It’s more important to focus on writing well than writing a lot. Besides, remember that your comprehension is being evaluated, so pay attention to what the compositions asks for.

The oral part of the exam takes only 20 minutes. You are going to have some time to talk about yourself in an interview and the examiners are going to ask you a few questions about topics related to Brazil.

What does the CELPE-bras exam test?

students having a conversational class in portuguese with a native teacher

The CELPE-Bras exam tests several criteria that determine the final result. Let’s take a look at these criteria, so you know what to focus on:

  • Understanding: The most important part is the comprehension of written and oral communication.
  • Production: This criterium is mainly about the conversation flow. Can you hold a conversation without too many awkward silences? You also have to keep in mind the correct use of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
  • Adaptation: How fast can you adapt to a new situation in Portuguese? This criterium evaluates how well you are able to do so.
  • Certainty: This criterium measures how certain and confident you are when communicating in Portuguese. Your arguments have to be consistent and logical, as well as grammatically correct.
  • Linguistics: This tests your knowledge of the grammar and linguistic structure of Portuguese. Can you conjugate verbs without too much effort? Do you know how to build grammatically correct sentences without pausing too often?

Reading the Exam Results

Depending on your score on the CELPE-Bras test, you’ll get a certificate for lower level or a higher one. That means it’s difficult to fail in it. But be careful, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Here is the score system of the Brazilian Portuguese test:

  • No certificate: a score from 0,00 to 1,99
  • Intermediate level certificate: a score from 2,00 to 2,75
  • High intermediate level certificate: a score from 2,76 to 3,50
  • Advanced level certificate: a score from 3,51 to 4,25
  • High advanced level certificate: a score from 4,26 to 5,00

CELPE-Bras exam in Brazil

In case you are coming to Brazil to try the exam, here is the website for you to subscribe for CELPE-Bras. Once you are subscribed, you are going to receive the information about the place where you are doing the exam and what time you should be there.

CELPE-Bras exam in Other Countries

If you want to do the CELPE-Bras exam in your country, you can check the list below of countries where the CELPE-Bras exam is available:

  • Africa
    • Angola
    • Cape Verde
    • Guinea-Bissau
    • Mozambique
    • SΓ£o TomΓ© and PrΓ­ncipe
  • America
    • Argentina
    • Bolivia
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Costa Rica
    • Dominican Republic
    • El Salvador
    • Ecuador
    • Guiana
    • Mexico
    • Nicaragua
    • Paraguay
    • Peru
    • Suriname
    • United States of America
    • Uruguay
  • Asia
    • Japan
    • South Korea
  • Europe
    • Austria
    • England
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Norway
    • Slovakia
    • Spain
  • Middle East
    • Israel
    • Lebanon

You can choose the location of your test at the start of your subscription. But please take note: you cannot change your location once you have chosen it!

CELPE-Bras Preparation Course

And of course Rio & Learn can help you with the CELPE-Bras practice test. We have a special CELPE-Bras preparation course in which you will be prepared to reach your results in the Brazilian Proficiency exam. You can find all the information about our preparatory course on the CELPE-Bras preparation page.

Study with us for this Portuguese Proficiency exam and feel ready and comfortable to do it!

That’s all for today, galera!
See you around!

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