Chato in Portuguese

4 de November de 2019

Hi, galera! How are you? Ready for another Dica? Today we are going to teach you the word Chato in Portuguese. But, what does chato mean?

The word Chato in Portuguese

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What Does Chato Mean?

Chato in Portuguese is something you say when someone is being boring or lame. It has different meanings and it may vary depending on how you use it. You can say that a movie, a song or a person is chato.Β 

Example with Chato in Portuguese

Geovana: E aΓ­, vocΓͺ gosta de sair a noite?
Geovana: What’s up, do you like going out at night?

Luciano: NΓ£o…
Luciano:Β No…

Geovana: NΓ£o? Mas vocΓͺ gosta de caipirinha?
Geovana: No? But you like caipirinha?Β 

Luciano: NΓ£o…
Luciano:Β No…

Geovana: Pelo menos vocΓͺ gosta de carnaval?
Geovana:Β Do you at least like carnival?Β 

Luciano: Nem um pouco.
Luciano:Β Not at all.

Geovana: Porra, caralho, vocΓͺ Γ© muito chato!
Geovana:Β Fuck, you’re so boring!Β 

Chato meanings

You may useΒ chatoΒ  as boring, but not bored. Because when we are bored we use the word entediado orΒ entediada.Β 

ChatoΒ can also be used to say that something is really slim. We usually call it achatado.Β For example, the bottom part of a blackboard eraser is achatado.Β 

One more piece of information that you may (or hopefully not) need to know: Chato Β is also a name of a STD that causes a terrible itch.

So, these are the uses of the wordΒ Chato in Portuguese. Now, don’t be chato!!!

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