Cheering for paralympics

Cheering for paralympics

Cheering for Paralympics. Students from Mexico, Norway and Sweden very excited to be in a Paralympic event.
Cheering for Paralympics. Students enjoying the event

La actividad de fin de semana fue Juegos Paraolímpicos. Asistimos a las competencias de remo la cual me encantó, las porras de cada competidor estuvieron muy animadas y eso mejoró la experiencia. Las RioLIVE! weekends son lo mejor para conocer más de Rio y realizar diferentes actividad y aprovechar el día. Creo que puedo hablar por todo al decir que la pasamos realmente bien.

Vanessa Garrido, Mexico.

Last Saturday, we spent the morning cheering for Paralympics (athletes) who competed in the rowing sport in Lagoa Stadium. Although the event was in the morning, there were many people on the streets on their way to the Paralympic arenas. Brazilians are very excited about the event and are showing a lot of support to these warriors of the sport.

Our students were from Norway, Sweden and Mexico, and it was very nice when we arrived at the stands, because there was a group of very excited Norwegians, which made our student from Norway interested in staying close to them. Then we found out that they were the family of the Norwegian athlete who ranked first in the qualifying stage.

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Some Brazilians also competed, and we cheered a lot for them and for all the other athletes. After all, what prevails is the Paralympic spirit and the fight of them to overcome obstacles. We talked in Portuguese on many subjects, especially about these events and some doubts about the Portuguese vocabulary.

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Certainly, this RioLIVE! helped the students to develop their vocabulary having a lot of fun and entertainment. Come to Rio & Learn and share moments like this with us. The best way to learn is having fun.


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