Children’s Day in Brazil

El día del niño en Brasil.

Hey guys! Here’s another Dica for you. Let’s learn more about festivities and customs for Children’s Day in Brazil.


Children’s Day in Brazil

In Brazil, we celebrate Children’s Day on October 12th. This is also Nossa Senhora de Aparecida‘s day. She is considered by the Brazilian Catholic Church as the Patroness of Brazil. Therefore, this is a national holiday. However, the story behind the popularization of this date has lot to do with marketing.


The Background

The holiday became really popular after a toy factory realized that it could be profitable. By creating a promotional week for Children’s Day, other companies that sold products for kids joined in and helped to develop the actual celebration we have these days. Therefore, although there is a lot of culture and history surrounding the October 12th holiday, marketing and capitalism have also had an influence.




Children’s Day In Other Countries

Children’s Day is celebrated in many countries. Adults have a lot to learn from a child’s innocence and curiosity. Additionally, the holiday raises some important topics like children’s access to education and healthcare, as well as the freedom to just be a kid. The first country to celebrate a holiday for children was Turkey. In Japan, there is a festival just for boys. Although in many countries it’s celebrated on different days, the purpose is to foster a global discussion about children’s welfare.

Celebrating Children’s Day

Because it’s celebrated on the same day as the Brazilian’s Patroness, we celebrate Children’s Day in Brazil with a day off.

Many people use the chance to take their kids to public parks. In Rio, we have a traditional celebration in Quinta da Boa Vista and Aterro do Flamengo. There are many fun activities for kids such as trampolines, sports, and more!

It’s also a great day for charity and helping the community. Have you ever considered a scavenger hunt to raise funds, clothes and toys for children in need? Reducing social risk for kids is a fantastic strategy for building a better future. What can be better on Children’s Day than seeing a big happy smile?

Remember that learning about new cultures and sharing your knowledge is the best way to change yourself and the world.


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