Chinese View

Chinese View

Chinese view with foreign Portuguese language Rio & Learn students in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Chinese View

I enjoyed the RioLIVE! Activity to the Vista Chinesa in the Parque Nacional de Tijuca. It was a great experience to see a beautiful urban park in the city of Rio de Janeiro. This was a very good opportunity to experience and learn more about the Rio de Janeiro landscape and history of the city.

Maria, Canada
Foreigner girls before treking to Vista Chinesa at Parque Nacional da Tijuca.
Before going up

Do you know Chinese View on Rio de Janeiro? Chinese View is one of the best views that you can enjoy in Rio de Janeiro and that not many foreign tourist get to know. It is a place where Cariocas go to enjoy the weekends, some of them climbing up with their bikes.

As our students didn’t bring their bikes from their countries we did a hard trekking on the road. This time just our girl students wanted to participate in our RioLIVE!, looks that they are stronger that our boys 😉 Our Portuguese language students that participated on this Chinese View RioLIVE! were coming from Canada, Germany, UK, USA, Holland and Italy.

One of our student did some trick and picked up a taxi, but the others were stronger and don’t got defeated by the road. No worries, we don’t say who picked the taxi!!

Even that many of our students were beginner level, we work hard to practice our Portuguese language together as we were breathing fastly, so we were going up in a nice pace.

We had a good time just enjoying the view once at the top. And we got perfect, strong and paining legs today!!
Still are you thinking to visit Rio de Janeiro? Still don’t know Rio & Learn?

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