Chope Beer in Brazil

25 de June de 2018

Hello, everyone!
Today our Dica is about Chope beer in Brazil! Do you know what is a chope?

Chope Beer in Brazil

Chope is how we call draft beer in Brazil. It’s different from the bottle of beer as the waiter serves it from the machine.

Asking for a chope in Brazil is more expensive than asking for a beer, but of course it’s more refreshing as well. That’s why, in a hot day, it’s better to ask for a chope than to asking for a beer.

That’s it guys! Really simple, isn’t it?
You can learn much more about beer in Brazil with our Dicas about the History of Beer and Popular beers from Brazil. And if you have a nice picture drinking a beer in Brazil, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #amorioandlearn. The best picture wins a 1 hour private class.

Hope to see you on the next Dica and let’s have a chope!
Bye bye!

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