Chope Beer in Brazil

Chopp en Brasil, el chopp es más refrescante que una botella de cerveza.

Hello, everyone!
Today our Dica is about Chope beer in Brazil! Do you know what is a chope?

Chope Beer in Brazil

Chope is how we call draft beer in Brazil. It’s different from the bottle of beer as the waiter serves it from the machine.

Asking for a chope in Brazil is more expensive than asking for a beer, but of course it’s more refreshing as well. That’s why, in a hot day, it’s better to ask for a chope than to asking for a beer.

That’s it guys! Really simple, isn’t it?
You can learn much more about beer in Brazil with our Dicas about the History of Beer and Popular beers from Brazil. And if you have a nice picture drinking a beer in Brazil, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #amorioandlearn. The best picture wins a 1 hour private class.

Hope to see you on the next Dica and let’s have a chope!
Bye bye!

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