Christ the Redeemer in the clouds

going upstairs to visit christ

For today’s RioLive! we took the tram to Cristo Redentor. Unfortunately we were enveloped in a cloud, the “silver lining” however, was sharing the anticipation of the clouds clearing with a huge group of people at the top. The statue would emerge and the crowd would cheer. Muito bom.

Wade Rimstad, Canada

admiring the statue of christ the redeemer

To our surprise, when we arrived at Christ the Redeemer, the statue was veiled in the clouds! We hung around, crossing our fingers, hoping those clouds would give way. And you know what? Patience paid off! After a little wait, those clouds began to thin out, and suddenly, it was like a movie scene! All of us, around 70 people or so, started cheering, and clapping as if we’d just discovered a hidden treasure.

cloudy Christ redeemer

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foggy afternoon

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