Claro in Portuguese

9 de January de 2018

Hello guys! Welcome to one more Dica! On today’s class we will teach you the meaning of the expression Claro in Portuguese!

Claro in Portuguese

The word Claro can be used in different contexts. Take a look at the explanations bellow:

Opposite of dark

The first one is used as the opposite of dark. For example: light blue = azul claro, light clothes = roupas claras.

Example of Claro in Portuguese. Claro x Escuro: Nossa! Está escuro aqui.

Luana: Nossa! O céu tá bem claro hoje!
Moisés: É, mas eu vi no jornal que mais tarde vai ficar escuro. Vai chover pra caramba!

Luana: Uow! The sky is really bright today!
Moisés: Yeah, but I saw on the newspaper that it will get darker later. It’s going to rain a lot!

Perfect explanation

Claro is used when we want to say that someone explained something perfectly.

Claro in Portuguese: Sim! A explicação foi bem clara!

Igor: Pessoal, vocês entenderam a matéria?
Alunos: Sim, a explicação foi bem clara!

Igor: Guys, did you understand the subject?
Students: Yes, the explanation was very clear!

Affirmative and Negative sentences

[one_half]Adel: Vamos para a RioLIVE! hoje, Angela?
Angela: Claro! Hoje tem tour no Centro![/one_half][one_half_last]Adel: Shall we go to the RioLIVE today, Angela?
Angela: Sure! Today is the tour to downtown![/one_half_last]

[one_half]Moisés: Luana, esse copo de café é seu?
Luana: Claro que não, Moisés! Eu odeio café![/one_half][one_half_last]Moisés: Luana, is this your cup of coffee?
Luana: Of course not! I hate coffee![/one_half_last]

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Kisses and hugs from Rio.

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